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Tianjin Travel Guide

Things to do in Tianjin is a guide for what to see in this interesting city. Lying in the north of China, approximately 137km (85 miles) southeast of Beijing, Tianjin is the third largest city in the country and also one of China's leading industrial cities. Heavy industries dominate the economy, but light industry such as chemicals, textiles, and famous carpet factories, are increasingly contributing to the economy. The city is invariably linked to other countries overseas. In fact, Xingang, one of China's largest ports, is only 48 km (30 miles) from Tianjin. In addition, the city serves as a convenient link to other major Chinese cities. With a sophisticated railway and airway system, visitors can reach Beijing and other cities fairly easily. Generally, Tianjin is a lively industrial city with a large foreign, trendy population. With a plethora of clubs and bars, the city boosts colorful entertainment and many things to do. Festivals are quite popular here, with most of them being held in Ancient Culture Street. The New Year Picture Festival is the most famous of the festivals with its display of famous woodblock prints from Yangliuqing. Other festivals include the Rose Festival in May, the Great Wall Mountain Festival in autumn and the popular International Marathon on the first Sunday of April. The street itself also often has displays of street art, Tianjin ballet, puppeteering and traditional opera.

Tianjin Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Tianjin

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