Miao Village

The Miao people have lived in the eastern part of present day Guizhou and western part of present day Hunan for over 2,000 years. Since the Tang and Song periods they have been referred to as the Miao minority. The Miao people have one of the largest populations out of all the ethnic minorities in southern China, with more than 9,000,000 people. They live mainly in Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi provinces and autonomous regions.The Miao culture is very unique and diversified and they are especially known for singing and dancing. The Miao are exceptionally good at playing the lusheng as well as the copper drum, flutes and several other instruments. Their most popular dances are the drum dance, lusheng dance and the bench dance.
Basha people that belong to the Miao branch is least affected by modern civilization. Even in the modern times, they still live very traditional lives. As an old saying goes, "men till and women weave." The local villagers' ethnic costumes that are made and dyed in the traditional way, tend to bring visitors back in remote times ago. Basha people consider themselves the most orthodox Miao group. Formerly, when the young people returned from other places, they had to change their clothes into those of their own ethnic group right outside the village. Otherwise, they were not allowed to enter the village. Welcome to check out our other pages for more guide information about Miao Village.

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