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Our Guizhou Guide brings you to rural villages where you can enjoy the colorful life and artistic traditions of these various people in Guizhou. Guizhou Province is unfamiliar to many travelers and tourists. However, the colorful things to do and to see in Guizhou: peculiar natural scenery, remarkable national customs, brilliant history, culture and the pleasant climate condition form a unique, aboriginal, unsophisticated and mysterious landscape, attract more and more tourists, both domestic and international. More than 15 minority ethnic groups settled in Guizhou and most of the amazing scenic areas are located in these settled minority areas. In this region you can experience the culture and traditions of the Miao, Bouyei, Dong, Yi, Shui, Hui, Zhuang, Bai, Tujiao and Gelao minorities. In addition to enjoying the scenery, visitors can discover the rich and varied folk customs and cultures of the different minority ethnic groups of the region. With such a variety of ethnicities, Guizhou counts over 1,000 traditional festivals each year. Strong but simple and unsophisticated customs, architectures with unique style and the exotic and colorful costumes, will make tourists feel everything is new and fresh.

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Question:Planning to travel to Guizhou at end of 2010. Love to see villages, minoritiy people & culture. I have about 11 days to travel and can be exit through Guilin or Guiyang. Also, we'd also like to see Huangguoshu waterfall, group of caves and enjoy a rafting experience. What are your best recommendations for sightseeing in Guizhou?

Answer:Just came back from Guizhou trip, it was amazing, everything from the weather, people to the travel service provided by ITB was so great more than we could expected. If you are interested, have a view of Guizhou Travel on this website, from where you may have good ideas. By the way, thank you ITB for my wonderful Guizhou trip! Bill.