Located in the southeastern of Guizhou, Rongjiang is 172km from Kaili with a total population of 260,000. This county is home to mainly Dong people, who continuously attracts swarms of travelers every year. There are many Dong villages in and around Rongjiang, where traditional housing has been built up on hillsides.The Dong minority group look and dress very differently to the Miao. Their houses are also made of wood but are different in structure. It was interesting walking round, peering into the dark houses watching women weaving, embroidering and spinning wool. Rongjiang is a charming little town, and remote enough that the travellers here are few and far between.
The Rongjiang area is in the special economice zone, Shantou, which is currently a base for light industries. Rongjiang also comes with a decent number of foreigner facilities, including guesthouses, shops, and restaurants. The main source of income here is derived from farming and travel industry. For the ones who is interested in Chinese ethnic culture, Rongjiang is a lovely and good travel destination. A day trip here from Rongjiang can be combined with a travel to Xindi, home to the largest drumtower in the region. Welcome to view other columns for extensive guide to attraction information and travel services offer related to Rongjiang or other famous places in Guizhou.

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