Shibaozhai represents the first gem of Chinese architecture to be encountered on the Yangtze River downstream travel. Shibaozhai is located in Zhong County and was built in 1750. Legend gose like that the hill was a five-color stone left by Nuwa, goddess of Sky-patching, when she was patching the sky, hence its name "Shibao", which means "Stone Treasure Fortress". The structure is made out of wood and stands 56 meters high with 12 stories. Each floor of the structure has unique items to see and each floor is dedicated to a famous general of the period of The Three Kingdoms. Its architectural styles and surroundings make it looks like a heavenly building.
Shibaozhai integrates the natural landscape of Yuyin Mountian with the ancient buildings. It is also the key cultural relics for protection and preservation and a popular travel spot along the Yangtze River. Travellers can climb to the top by spiral staircase in the pagoda. Climbing the 12 stories is not as difficult as it may sound because you will need time to look at the paintings and sculptures on each level. There are three groups of sculptures which are centered on the story of Three Kingdoms in Chinese history, and a temple on the top and a street with ancient China style at the bottom. Gazing at the top of the tower, you will be move by the endless river flow and the beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

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