Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge is the last and also the longest of the Three Gorges, 75 kilometers long, starting from the Dadong County in the west and ending at the Nanjin Pass of Yichang in the east, crossing Hubei Province entirely. The name of Xiling Gorge came from the mountain of the same name that is located at the ending point of the Three Gorges. This particular gorge is the longest out of the three and navigating through this gorge was very difficult before the Three Gorges Project began. The gorge is separated into two parts, Nanjinguan and Xiangxi.
Xiling Gorge is a popular travel spot along the Yangtze River with its various gorges with different styles and zigzagging rapids with whirlpools. Many great poets and artists in ancient times had admired and marveled at its beauty and magnificence. The most famous historical sites, cultural relics and natural scenery in this area are: the Huangling Temple with over 1800 years history; Quyuan Ancestral Hall, an old temple to honor the memory of Quyuan; and the Sanyou Cave. Now it has become a highlight of the cruise and has been praised by numerous travellers, both native and foreign.

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