Three Gorges Dam

The Three Gorges Dam that is built on the Yangtze River is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world that can generate electricity at a capacity of 18,200 MW. The dam is more than two kilometers across and is 185 tall. The project will cost a total of $25 billion and the entire project will be finished by 2009. The advantages in constructing the Three Gorges Dam include flood control, power generation, improved shipping conditions, and travel attractions. As the world's largest and grandest water conservancy project, Three Gorges Dam will not only fulfill its utilitarian needs, but will also serve as a symbol of pride for the Chinese people.
Three Gorges Dam travel zone, centered on the Three Gorges Dam, has five sections to show the hydroelectric project knowledge, natural scenery in three gorges, cultures and customs with an area of 15.28 square km. The Three Gorges Dam Scenic Area is open to the travellers now and mainly composed of Tanzi Mountain, 185 Platform, Dam Viewing Point and Memorial Garden. The culture of the water conservancy project can be fully displayed to visitors. Don't miss the climbing on the Viewing Platform where you will have a panoramic view of the Three Gorges Dam.

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