White King Town

Baidicheng, known as the "White King City", is located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River and stands at the entrance to Qutang Gorge. The Ba Kingdom began here over 2,000 years ago and according to the legend, Gongsun Shu started to build the town and came across a well. There was a white vapor that came out of the well that he regarded as a flying white dragon. This is where the name of the town came from. Many famous poets from the Tang and Song Dynasties came to this city to visit the palace because of its beauty and this is why the city has a second name: "the poetic town".
Baidicheng (White King City) is comprised of several architectural styles of the Ming and Qing periods including Mingliang Hall, Wuhou Pavilion, and Wangjiang Pavilion. Travelers can also experience the history of the Baidicheng by roaming through the many exhibition halls. Don't be astonished to see a beautiful fairyland on the water surface when travelling along the Yantze River. That's one of the most popular scenic spots in the Three Gorges area. The White King Town is surrounded by the river on three sides and backed by a mountain. When the Three Gorge Dam is finished in the future, this place will be surrounded by water and become a beautiful island.

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