Ghost City of Fengdu

Starting from Chongqing, the first scenic spot that you will see along the Three Gorges is Fengdu - the Ghost City between county of Zhong and Peling. The town lies at the bottom of Ming Mountain and located by the river. Fengdu is considered to be the only ghost city in China and the spirits found on this island guard the spirit world. Fengdu, a pearl along the Yangtze River, is a famous and distinctive historic and cultural city since the ancient time. It is now renowned at home and abroad as the best travel place where one can learn all about Chinese ghost culture.
There is a legend that says Ming Mountain, where the temples are located, is one of 72 graveyards for Taoism. The temples located on the mountain were built during the Western Jin period and rebuilt during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nowadays, Fengdu Ghost City has emerged as an integral piece of scenery for those who travel along the Yangtze River by cruises. Visitors can enjoy both the natural scenery and historic relics during their unforgettable travel there. the town throngs with many travellers who come to visit temples and shrines dedicated to the gods of the underworld.

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