China Travel FAQ

Here we collect a list of frequent asked questions about China Tours and all information on China Travel. All these questions are given practical answers by our China tour consultants and China travel advisors. Hope the China FAQs can provide you with useful references when you plan Beijing Tours.
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Question Source>Qingdao Travel Guide :I like fruits very very much and i am going to travel to Qingdao in coming 8th September '10. i would like to know what fruits they have during that time? It dosen’t told in the regular guide books about Qingdao…

Answer: Qingdao has many fruits ripe in Sep. While the city is famous for its crispy and sweet apples! Qingdao also boasts of many great historical sites and scenic spots. Feel free to contact us if you need any travel service in Qingdao.
Question Source>Beijing Drum Tower Travel Guide :I read from Beijing travel guide books that there are drum and bell tower in Beijing. Are they open for visitings and are they both worth the tour.

Answer: I suggest you pay a visit to the drum tower when you travel in Beijing. On the tower you can have a whole view of hutongs area, and the tower have drum beaten performance each half an hour in the afternoon is from 1:30 to 5pm, which is worth seeing. The Drum Tower stairs are very steep and long and not for anyone scared of heights or who has difficulty climbing stairs.
Question Source>Guizhou Travel Guide :Planning to travel to Guizhou at end of 2010. Love to see villages, minoritiy people & culture. I have about 11 days to travel and can be exit through Guilin or Guiyang. Also, we'd also like to see Huangguoshu waterfall, group of caves and enjoy a rafting experience. What are your best recommendations for sightseeing in Guizhou?

Answer: Just came back from Guizhou trip, it was amazing, everything from the weather, people to the travel service provided by ITB was so great more than we could expected. If you are interested, have a view of Guizhou Travel on this website, from where you may have good ideas. By the way, thank you ITB for my wonderful Guizhou trip! Bill.
Question Source>Beijing Roast Duck :We will travel in Beijing next month and would like to reserve one night to try the famous Peking Duck for dinner. Many guide books tell the roast duck taste very good. I'm looking for your opinions on the best roast duck restaraunts to visit in Beijing. Nikki

Answer: Peking Duck is the signature dish of Beijing. You must try it! Quanjude is the most famous and touristy brand of Beijing Roast Duck in China, and it has many branches in Beijing. Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant is pretty good and very popular with foreigners. Liqun Roast Duck in old hutong, is a very special one, close to Tian’anmen Square. Reservation for all the above restaurant should be made in advance.
Question Source>Yangshuo Travel Guide :Me and my familly of 4 will travel to Yangshuo this October. I'll ask for a local travel guide for our 4 days stay and how mush will cost that. We don't want something unusual but leisure ones, because we have seniors over 75. Just Yangshuo cruise and travel around this county. Thanks for your help.

Answer: Hi, we are glad to provide you with a Yangshuo travel package including a professional English-speaking guide. The itinerary can be tailor-made for your family with relaxing paces but all travel highlights. Please check your email for the details and quotation. Welcome to book your Yangshuo travel service with us!
Question Source>Nanjing Travel Guide :I want to find out about getting a boat from Nanjing to Shanghai. I know that trains are quicker but I think it would be great to have a good picture of the Yangtze River on the boat. If anyone can give me any information?

Answer: I've ever taken a boat trip on Yangtze River to Nanjing. Unluckily, summer days were hazy on water, so look to shore and things are fuzzy. We only took a few pictures of the boat building, the water... However, finally got some photos of the shoreline worth saving when the boat was approaching Nanjing.
Question Source>Suzhou Travel Guide :I will be in Suzhou next week for business and I will have 2 days free to travel around this city and its neighbour places. Can you help to make a travel plan for us that would include Suzhou, Tongli and/or other water towns and lakes. Thank you.

Answer: Hello, we are glad to offer you excellent travel services in Suzhou. In your case we suggest one day Suzhou city sightseeing and one day excursion to Shanghai with a stop in Tongli watertown on the way. Pls check your email for the details. You can also browse our site for more products and guide information. Feel free to contact us with any other requirements.
Question Source>Li River Cruise Travel Guide :I heard the best way to visit Li River is by cruise, right? Also, there is a short way by raft and you can enjoy the elite part of Li River. Which way is better?

Answer: Regarding the Li River Cruise, it depends on your interests. The Li River boat trip takes about 4 hours, but leisure and with lunch. You can enjoy the whole Li River on that cruise. The rafting travelling the highlights of Li River, which takes about 90 minutes. But the time and safty is what you should concern before you choose this way. So I recommend the Li River Cruise.
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