Beihai Scenic Area

The Beihai Scenic Area (including Xihai Scenic Area) is located mid of Yellow Mountains and situated among Bright Peak, Gongyang Mountain and the Shixin Peak. Beihai Scenic Area connects the Yungu scenic area to the east, joins the Yuping scenic area to the south, to the west of Diaoqiao scenic area and north near to the Songgu scenic area. Beihai Scenic Area is an open mountain region with an elevation of 1,600 meter and an area of 1,316 hectares. The peak is the main body of The Beihai scenic area, gathering rocks, jar, shipyard and the pine; all of which forms a marvelous sights.
The super craftsmanship and marvelous layout, the colorful glaze constitutes the wonderful natural picture and is the Yellow Mountains' scenery window. On the Lion Peak is the Refreshing Terrace which is the favorite place for tourists to watch the sky, especially at dawn. Bright Peak is the second highest point of Mt. Huangshan, and offers the best views of the area as all five seas surround it. Additional attractions include Black Tiger Pine, Lovers' Pine and Two Immortals Playing Chess. The unique and unforgettable views can be inspirational and make North Sea one of the most popular sightseeing areas around. Address: Middle of the Yellow Mountains Admission: Free

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