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Jade Screen Scenic Area

There is a Jade Screen Pavilion perched high amongst the clouds, which is reputed as an "imperial palace in heaven" in the Jade Screen Scenic Area. Huangshan Mountain's three famous main peaks: Guangming Peak (Sunshine Peak), Lian Hua Peak (Lotus Peak), and Tiandu Peak (Heaven Capital Peak) are all located near the Jade Screen Scenic Area. Among them, the Tiandu Peak is the most precipitous (with an elevation of over 6,000 feet). Mounting its summit, visitors can view the boundless beauty and feel that they are sitting in a heavenly palace.
The Jade Screen Tower is a halfway stop between the Hot Spring and the West Sea and North Sea scenic areas. Going further ahead, tourists pass the Farewell Pine and the Hassock Pine. If one looks back, an ox-shaped rock on Ox Nose Peak comes into sight. The scene is known as Rhinoceros Watching the Moon. The distance from Jade Screen Peak down to the bottom of the Lotus Ravine is about two and half kilometers. Here the terrain rises. Climbing up several hundred steps stairs, one reaches Lotus Ridge. Standing above in the right direction is Lotus Peak.

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