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Huangshan Travel Guide

We are pleased to show things to do in Huangshan Guide. Huangshan is surrounded on all sides by beautiful natural scenery - facing north to Xin'an River, south of Taiping Lake, and east of Qingliang Peak Natural Reservation. In Huangshan City, the town hill of Tunxi is perhaps the most renowned place to visit. The city is essentially a river town, boosting lush gardens and many tourist attractions, including Song Town, a 1,000 meter road paved in stone slab, as well as shops modeled after Ming architecture. Moreover, over 20 films and TV plays, all based on classical Chinese stories have been shot in the picturesque Tunxi. The river town is also home to many significant historical figures and a famous factory specializing in the production of Anhui ink stick. Another noteworthy site in Huangshan is the Guniujiang Natural Reservation, situated at the western end of the Mountains, and surrounded on both sides by Yixian County and Shexian County. To the southwest lies Qiyun Mountain (White Mountain). All these sites are abounding with winding brooks, authentically Chinese houses, streets, bridges, stone archways and pagodas. More things to do and things to see are listed in Huangshan Attraction Guide below.

Huangshan Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Huangshan

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