Xihai Grand Canyon

Xihai Grand Canyon once also called Fascinating Scenic Area, is a new scenic area that was opened from first of May, 2001. Covering the highlights of Xihai Area (Western part of Huangshan Scenic Area), Xihai Grand Canyon starts at Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, linking White Cloud Area at Buxian Bridge, and creating a great circular sightseeing route. Along  its 25 square kilometers, there are many unique rock formations, such as Upside-down Boot, Lady Playing Piano, Dog Watching Sky, Man Walking on Stilt, and fantastic peaks; Archway Peak, Nine-dragon Peak, Double Bamboo Shoot Peak, Stone-bed Peak, Stone-pillar Peak and Pine Forest Peak, to name a few.
You become immersed in your surroundings and find yourself in an amazing painting. Scenery keeps changing as you walk on steep steps usually clinging to precipices. Every step reveals a breath-taking view so you can just point your camera and take a perfect photo almost everywhere on the way. No wonder it’s called Fascinating Scenic Area. A 4.5 km downhill walk will take you deeper and deeper in the ravine, with cliffs and peaks becoming higher and higher, arriving at Buxian Bridge. It's a real Grand Canyon! This very secluded and fantastic scenic area known as the Grand Canyon of the West Sea is becoming more and more popular. It's a must see destination for the near future.

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