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Dispelling Cloud Pavilion

Cloud-dispelling Pavilion is the best place to view the sunset and jagged rocks of Mt. Huang, so it is also named the museum of jagged rocks. The pavilion is close to the West Sea Gate. The floating cloud scatters when waves in front of the West Sea Gate, hence the name. Overlooking on the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, you will appreciate wrapped nidges and peaks looming through the cloud and mist, just like countless islands in the sea. On the left of the pavilion, there is a rock in the shape of boot and on the right side a rock like a shoe, which are corresponding in a long distant. Near the pavilion, the natural masterpieces are various, such as fairy embroidering, fairy playing music, Wu Song hitting tiger and so on.
A pinaster in the pavilion is listed the World Heritage List with 150 years old, rooted into the stone deeply and split the stone into three pieces. These wonders of architecture transform the area into a natural art gallery. At sunset, the last ray of the sun catches on the scene in the valley, and forms the famous Yellow Mountains scene. The Rosy Clouds Peak behind the Dispelling Cloud Pavilion also stands at over 1,700 meters high, and offers a magnificent view of sunrise and the Peak Flying From Afar and Nine Dragon Peak can be admired from this great height.

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