Crown Cave

Crown Cave is located in Caoping River on the bank of the Li River. The Crown Cave has always been attractive to various poets, scholars and nobles because of its crown-shape, and it has become one of the most famous tourist spots of the Li River. The Crown Cave has been well preserved, with an underground stream running from Mt Haiyang, through the cave and into the Li River. There are many modern facilities, such as a railroad car, a sightseeing elevator and a yacht, as well as automatic lights and a sound control guide system.
These modern facilities intermingle with the natural stalagmites to create an enchanting and imposing atmosphere. Visiting the Crown Cave is easy, with many different ways to get there, either by taking a bus from Guilin, or sailing down the Li River and making a stop at the Crown Cave Dock. Rafting down the river is a scenic way to explore the beauty of the Li River. How to travel the Crown Cave? Here is some guide information of the Crown Cave. Location: in the Caoping Town to the south of downtown Guilin  Contact Number: +86 10 85968802  Admission Fee: CNY 60/Person  Opening hours: 08:30 -16:30

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