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Folded Brocade Hill

The Folded Brocade Hill is comprised of several different hills and peaks situated in the northern part of Guilin city. Folded Brocade Hill comprises Yueshan Hill, Crane Peak, Look-On-All-Direction Hill, and Bright Moon Peak. The hill is named for the odd looking rocks that are broken horizontally. A calabash shaped Wind Cave runs through the halfway point of the hill. The two mouths of the cave are wider than the middle passage, which is only wide enough for one person to walk through. Inside, there are 90 sculptures of the Buddha from the Tang and Song Dynasties.
It takes its name of the Wind Cave from the breeze that runs through it all year around. The journey up to the Bright Moon Peak is often arduous and exhausting, but there are two Pavilions which provide ideal rest stops of the incline, the Face-the-Cloud Pavilion, and the Over-the-River Pavilion. On the top of the Bright Moon Peak rests the Catch-the-Cloud Pavilion, where visitors are rewarded from their climb with the finest views of Guilin. Here is some guide information of the Folded Brocade Hill: Location: in the northeast of Guilin City  Admission Fee: CNY 20/Person  Opening hours: 08:00 - 18:30

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