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Elephant Trunk Hill

The Elephant Trunk Hill is an ideal travel destination in Guilin. Seeped in a history of over 3.6 hundred million years, the Elephant Trunk Hill is often regarded as a symbol of the Guilin landscape. It lies to the southeast of Guilin city, on the west bank of the Li River. The Elephant Trunk Hill has had its name for hundreds of years, because of its appearance, of an elephant sucking water from the river with its trunk. On top of the Elephant Trunk Hill there is a pagoda which has been named Puxian Pagoda. There is a cave at the side of the hill, between the trunk and the legs of the elephant, lies the "Moon-Over-Water Cave" in the shape of a full moon.
This cave and the surrounding hills have been praised for its beauty and enchantment, especially at night. There are over 70 inscriptions carved in the cave from the Tang and Song dynasties. Another of the caves on the Elephant Trunk Hill serves as the eyes of the animal, where visitors of the hill can look out onto the city of Guilin. There is some guide information of the Elephant Trunk Hill. Location: southeast of Guilin City along the Li River  Admission Fee: CNY 25/Person  Opening Hours: 08:30-16:40

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