West Street

West Street is one of the most beautiful towns along the Li River, and this well preserved town is steeped in history. West Street, a place has earned the name of China's "earth village", has been open as a tourist site since 1978. The road on the street was paved with marbles, which is a typical example of a southern China street. The West Street is now filled with various stores, bars, hotels and cafes. Because of the amount of foreigners, most in the town speak simple English, and the street is thought to be one of the
largest areas of foreign language in China. There are numerous cafes and bars to sit and relax during the day, with famous places such as Paris Cafe, MC Blues Bar, and Green Lotus, and most of these cafes have outdoor seating. The MC Blues Bar has over 150 tapes of music for visitors to choose from. There is some guide information of the West Street: Location: in the center of Yangshuo County  Admission Fee: Free  Opening hours: 24 hours

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