Reed Flute Cave

The Reed Flute Cave is one of the largest and magnificent caves in Guilin, hidden completely on the side of Guangming Hill, 3.2 miles away from the city. This region has been the home of the reeds that have been used to make flutes and pipes since ancient times. The Reed Flute Cave is a drip-stone structure which has been carved 790 feet deep, and the cave stretches on for almost 550 yards through the zigzag of various multicolored stalactites and stalagmites which lends the name of the Palace of Natural Art. Though naturally beautiful, the Reed Flute Cave has been emphasized by man-made strategies such as
lighting to improve the contrast of rock formations which resemble birds, animals or plants. There are other wonders in the Reed Flute Cave, including the Crystal Palace of the Dragon King, which is an area which resembles the city in miniature. There are also over 70 stone inscriptions from the Tang Period between 618 and 907. There is some guide information of the Reed Flute Cave when you are traveling in Guilin. The detail is following: Location: five kilometers northwest of Guilin City center.  Opening Hours: 08:00 to 17:30 Contact Number: +86 773 2695075  Admission Fee: CNY 60/Person

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