Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill is best known as the "Wonderland on Wave" because the foot of the hill rests half in the water and half on land, whilst its peak raises high in the air. Having been a classical spot of travel destination in Guilin for long, the Fubo Hill is nearly 63 meters long and 60 meters wide with an elevation of 213 meters above the sea level. The Fubo Hill was named by general Ma Yuan in the Han dynasty, therefore his bronze statue is standing at the foot of the hill. A garden of bamboo and palm trees lies to the south of the Fubo Hill. There is a sight-seeing Terrace half way up the Fubo Hill which allows visitors to see the Old Man Hill to the northwest.
The Fubo Hill looks like an old man with a hood and a beard. Beyond the terrace, the path to the summit is narrow and steep, and difficult to climb, similar to the west peak in the  Hua Mountain. Inside one of the caves of Fubo Hill there is a magnificent sight. A several-meter stalactite column reaches from the ceiling, almost touching the ground. The column is named the Sword Testing Stone, as the space between its point and the floor looks as if it has been cut by a sword. The caves and attractions are famous for their stone inscriptions. Here is some guide information of the Fubo Hill: Location: to the northeast of downtown Guilin  Admission Fee: CNY 15/Person  Opening Hours: 07:10-18:30

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