Dazhao Lamasery

Dazhao Lamasery is also called "Silver Buddha Temple." as the temple enshrines a 2.5-meter-tall statue of Buddha made completely of silver. The Lamasery boasts a large collection of religious relics, of which the silver statue of Buddha, dragon sculpture and frescos are the best known. During the reign of Emperor Kang Xi of Qing Dynasty, the main hall of the Lamasery also enshrined a gold plate with written words: Long Live Emperor, and the roof was improved with yellow glazed tiles. It therefore became an "imperial temple." Dazhao is the earliest lamasery established in the Inner Mongolian during the Ming and Qing dynasties and become one of the most popular sights now when you travel to Inner Mongolia.
The third Tibetan Dalai Lama came to dedicate the Silver Buddha statue in 1586. Thus made Hohhot became a religious center for people from all over Mongolia who came to worship at the temple. Another notable event in the temple's long history was a visit by Emperor Kangxi. The temple is now a well-known travel attraction because of the impressive buildings, splendid statues, delicate frescos, musical instruments and fine collection of Buddhist scriptures. Of its abundant religious relics perhaps the most notable are the 'Three Marvelous Treasures', a title given to the Silver Buddha, the carved dragons on the huge golden pillars on either side of the statue and the murals commemorating the Emperor's visit.

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