Roast Whole Lamb

Roast whole lamb is the traditional food of the Mongolian people, and is specially prepared when a dinner party is thrown in honour of distinguished guests or any great celebration is held. The roast lamb looks golden red and tastes delicious. Roast whole lamb could date back to Yuan Dynasty, and has been improved much at present. When the sheep been roasted, it is filled with spices. The condiments are mixed with flour, salt, eggs, ground pepper and so on. Then the sheep is put through with a stick and roasted on the fire or in the oven. Roasted whole lamb is crispy but not greasy. Anyone who has tasted it will be unable to forget it.
Roasted whole sheep used to be a privilege enjoyed only by Mongolian kings due to the special and complicated cooking method. Luckily enough, everyone can taste it now. Roasted whole sheep is famous not only for its quality mutton but also for its special method of preparation. The mutton, filled with various spices, is first heated at high temperatures in an airtight oven until medium-well done. Then the mutton is roasted with fire until it becomes golden. This allows the flavors of the spices to pervade the meat completely. The mutton is then served on a huge plate (its diameter can be 3.28 feet long) and given to guests according to their status.

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