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Wrestling and Archery

Whenever people thinking of Inner Mongolia, the picture of stunning grasslands, the Gobi desert, the Mongolian way of life, and energetic unique folk pastimes such as horse and camel riding, Mongolian wrestling, archery, rodeo competitions, and singing and dancing will emerge. Mongolians are good at wrestling and archery, which you must watch if you have the chance to travel to Inner Mongolia. Archery in Mongolia has a long and famous history. Folk legends tell of Erekhe Mergen, the great archer who saved the people from drought by shooting down six suns. Competing archers take aim at tiny targets in the sport considered the third most manly in Mongol folklore.
Mongolian wrestling offers little excitement to the uninitiated. Two men grasp shoulders and spin slowly in circles, muscles bulge, but nothing happens, men stand motionless for up to10 minutes, before one makes a desperate dash for a leg hold, then, suddenly, the match can end within seconds. Unlike Sumo, which it sometimes resembles, or Olympic wrestling, there is no margin for error in Mongol wrestling. Should any part of the body touch the ground, the match is over. Afterwards, the winner grabs his hat and tips it to the loser. Both men begin wildly flapping their arms, as they bounce on bent knees to the platform of honour.

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