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Hohhot Travel Guide

Hohhot Guide is listed here for details of things to do and what to see in this city. Situated on the Inner Mongolian plateau, Hohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Hohhot enjoys a northwestern continental climate, with relatively mild winters and summers. Hohhot is a hotbed of diversity, with various ethnicities, including the Xiongnus (Huns), Xianpeis, Tujues, etc. The city was founded by Mongol ruler Altan Khan in the late 16th century. A city with a rich cultural background, Hohhot is known for its historical sites and temples and is one of the major tourist destinations of Inner Mongolia. Hohhot is an ideal place to relax away from modern day pressure thanks to the magnificent natural beauty of the Grasslands as well as fantastic cultural sites. Mongolian folk songs and wrestling are popular entertainments while ethnic delicacies and the clemency of the local people add to the enjoyment of things to see here. Travelers can enjoy a wide variety of things to do including horse riding, or maybe visiting the home of a herdsman's family or roaming over the vast grassland and of course there is the thrilling Nadam Fair. Please check more things to do in Hohhot in the following attraction guide.

Hohhot Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Hohhot

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