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Mongolian Lamb Dinner

The local cuisine of Inner Mongolian shows both Mongolian and Chinese influences. Most of the food is similar to dishes in Xinjiang and other minority areas of China, with a special emphasis on lamb. Favorite Mongolian food items include roast lamb, butter, mutton hot pot, cheese, cooked mutton, buckwheat flour, finger mutton, milk tea, and shaomai.This traditional dish has been a favorite of the Mongolian people for thousands of years. People often use their fingers to eat the meat, hence the dish is called finger mutton. The Mongolian Lamb Dinner has become the main attractive program during the host celebration to festival and reception to guests. Tasting the lamb dinner is a must when you travel to Inner Mongolia.
There are kinds of Mongolian Lamb dinner type,  Such as Roast lamb: Roast lamb is a traditional Mongolian food, usually specially prepared at a dinner party in honor of distinguished guests or at a great celebration. The golden red lamb, often laid out on a square wood dish, tastes quite delicious. Mutton hot pot: : Mutton hot pot, or instant-boiled mutton, was created during the Yuan Dynasty. Mutton from the back, rear legs or tail of sheep is chosen for this dish, and then cut into slices. The boiled mutton is fresh and tender, not greasy. Cooked Mutton: This is the delicacy that the Mongolians like best. It is only prepared for special occasions such as offering sacrifices to the gods or one's ancestors, at weddings or celebrations of elders' birthdays.

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