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Mongolian Singing and Dancing

There are kinds of Mongolian Lamb dinner type,  Such as Roast lamb: Roast lamb is a traditional Mongolian food, usually specially prepared at a dinner party in honor of distinguished guests or at a great celebration. The golden red lamb, often laid out on a square wood dish, tastes quite delicious. Mutton hot pot: : Mutton hot pot, or instant-boiled mutton, was created during the Yuan Dynasty. Mutton from the back, rear legs or tail of sheep is chosen for this dish, and then cut into slices. The boiled mutton is fresh and tender, not greasy. Cooked Mutton: This is the delicacy that the Mongolians like best. It is only prepared for special occasions such as offering sacrifices to the gods or one's ancestors, at weddings or celebrations of elders' birthdays.
The ancient religious mask dance "Tsam" is one of the most significant religious rituals reflecting Buddhist teaching. The custom of celebrating Tsam was introduced into Mongolia in the 16th century from Tibet. In Mongolia Tsam was enriched with elements of witchcraft and the pagan traditions of the nomads. The Mongolian Tsam costumes and masks, as well as stage sets, differ considerably from those used elsewhere. They contrast sharply in colour in accordance with local tastes; Mongolian masks tend towards bold primary colours - red, black, yellow, white and blue - and look more expressive than those used in other countries. Dances imitating the gait of a horse, such as the Jonon Khar and JamalKhar are very popular amongst the Western Mongols - the Durvuds, the Bayads, the Torguuds, the Khotons and the Zakhchins. Each tribe, however, performs these dances in its own way.

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