Huangshi Village

Huangshi Village can be found in the west areas of Zhangjiajie Forest Park and is named after the story of the Marquis of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 25 A.D.), Zhangliang, When he was enclosed by his enemies as a hermit in the village, he was saved by his master Mr. Huangshi from dilemma in the emergency, so the village was called Huangshi Village by Zhangliang and his off-springs in memory of Master Huangshi. Huangshi Village is the largest and most concentrated village in China being 250 Chinese acres in size and 1,200 meters in altitude. The local saying goes,
"he who has never been to Huangshi Village does not really visit zhangjiajie City". Altogether there are 20 major sites of the village: 5-finger Peak, Ruins of Sky Bridge, Fir Forest path, Dragon Head Peak, etc. Huangshi Village is famous all over the world for its six wonders: fantastic mountains, elegant water, wonder-stones, charming clouds, rare plants and animals, among which the mountains are Quartz sandstone-structured with the characteristics of Danxia landscape, and it is combines two aesthetic states perfectly as one: the magnificent masculine beauty and the touching feminine beauty.

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