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Natural Reserves of Suoxiyu Gully

The Natural Reserves of Suoxiyu Gully, with uniquely-shaped peaks and cliffs as well as clear streams and brooks and waterfalls, covers an area of more than 180 sq km and is located in the center of the Wulingyuan scenic zone, regarded as a treasure house for natural resources. The Natural Reserves of Suoxiyu Gully is mainly made of peaks; however, in the east there are several caves made of limestone. There are also several rare animal species that live in the area as well several groups of Rhesus monkeys. In terms of rare animals, Suoxiyu Valley boasts more than 20 species, such as leopards, pangolish, and giant salamanders.
There are more than 20 groups of rhesus monkeys with their total number reaching to 1000. According to scientific statistics, trees here have 93 families, 208 genus, and 679 species in all. Among them, those that are under national special protection reach to 19 species. Besides animals, there are also several hundred plant species located in the Natural Reserves of Suoxiyu Gully and wild medicinal herbs are extraordinarily rich. Here is not only a natural habitat, but also a best attractive place for travelers.

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