Emei Mountain is one of the most interesting mountains to hike. The Mt.Emei is home to the golden monkey, almost only found in Sichuan Province, yet can be found in abundance on this mountain. When arriving at the mountain, it is suggested that you buy a walking stick, not only to help you hike up the steep stairs, but also to protect yourself from the monkeys. Although they will not bite, they love to steal shiny objects. Besides the monkeys, the mountain itself is very beautiful. There are several forests, waterfalls, flowers and other animals and creatures that are worth seeing as you hike your way to the top. Several rest stops along the way also offer a chance to eat and restore your energy, as well as there being several temples to spend some time looking around.
There are also several places to stay located at various stages of the mountain for your convenience. Another amazing thing at Emei Mountain is that one can take a different path walking up than walking down, with each path offering a different perspective of the mountain. However, if hiking for a long time does not appeal to you, there are also trams and buses that can take you up different parts of the mountain and make the climb a lot easier! Here is some guide information about Mt.Emei. The detail is following: Location: Emei city of Leshan, Sichuan  Admission Fee: CNY 150/Person  Opening hours: 5:30 a.m-18:00 p.m Contact Hotline: 86 833 5533355

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