Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui Museum is the site of one of the most important ancient remains in the world and is a cultural relic of the ancient Shu people. In 1929, an excavation by a farmer first led to the discovery of the relics and the excavation still continues today. Throughout the years, there have been several generations of archaeologists digging in the Sanxingdui Museum. One major discovery was in 1986 when two sacrificial pits were found. However, to this day, no texts have ever been found and no other records mentioning this site have been found.
There have been some ties to similar elements being found in other regions of the Yangtze River, yet there is no substantial evidence. There recently have also been several ditches dug in the ground to try and unearth more important findings. Here is some guide information about Sanxingdui Museum. The detail is following:Location: Yazihe Band, Guanghan City  Admission Fee: CNY 80/Person  Opening hours: 08:30 a.m-18:30 p.m  Contact Hotline: 86 838 5500349

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