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Wangjiang Tower Park

Wangjiang Tower Park is one of the most famous cultural relics in Chengdu, lying on the south bank of Jinjiang River. Wangjiang Tower honors a women poet from the Tang Dynasty, Xue Tao. Not many women in ancient Chinese history had a high social status, so the story of Xue Tao is even more amazing. Her father died when she was young and later she became a singer and a poet, writing over 500 poems. As you enter the gates, you will see that the Wangjiang Tower Park is filled with bamboo, one of the poet's favorite plants. There are over 150 types of bamboo located in this park from China and abroad. The Wangjiang Tower Park is also the best park to visit in Chengdu. The park was built in 1889 and the tower inside has become a landmark of Chengdu.
Originally the builder of the tower built it for fengshui, but later, it was revealed that he built it for Xue Mao. The tower itself, also known as Chongli Tower, meaning beautiful and grand, is four stories tall, with the top two stories being octagonal in shape and the bottom two being square. There are also many exquisite sculptures located on each story. If you have chance to travel Chengdu, the Wangjiang Tower Park is a worthy spot to visit. Here is some guide information about Wangjiang Tower Park. The detail is following: Location: No.30 of Wangjianglu, Wuhou District, Chengdu  Admission Fee: CNY 10/Person  Opening hours: 06:00 a.m-21:00 p.m   Contact Hotline: 86 28 85223389

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