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Temple of Marquis Wu

The Temple of Marquis Wu, built in the sixth century, is located next to the Temple of Liu Bei and then in the early years of the Ming Dynasty was merged into the Zhaolie Temple. The Temple of Marquis Wu consists of the main entrance, second entrance, Hall of Liu Bei, the lobby and Hall of Zhu Geliang. Every hall and porch is connected by the same artistic design. The outside of the Temple of Marquis Wu is surrounded by a read wall and the yard behind the main entrance is filled with many green pines and cypresses. After traveling through these major areas of the temple, one will come across the Tower of Laurel and Lotus, which has a lotus pond nearby.
Next to the tower is a another building, Zither Pavilion. Not that far away is a moon gate that leads to a bamboo forest, whose zigzag paths between red walls leads to the tomb of Liu Bei. The Temple of Marquis Wu also contains over thirty steles and couplets that exhibit beautiful calligraphy and elegant words.Here is some guide information about The Ancestral Temple of Marquis Wu. The detail is following: Location: No.231 of Wuhoucidajie, Wu Hou District Admission Fee: CNY 60/Person  Opening hours: 08:00 a.m-18:00 p.m  Contact Hotline: 86 28 85552397

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