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Xin Yi Street (New Style Town)

Tianjin Xin Yi Street is also known as the Italian Custom Area which was built in 1902. Once it was the concession area in Tianjin. Owning the unique location, the Xin Yi Street is merged with different cultures. Here you can find the celebrities’ residences, characteristic bar, foreign restaurants, western art exhibition. Among those buildings, the most famous are Liang Qichao’s Yinbin Room, Feng Guozhang’s Residence, Cao Yu’s building and Hua Shikui’s House, No. 1 Worker Cultural Palace and Italian Military Camp.

Although the Xin Yi Street is called a street, it's really a little town. The middle of the Xin Yi Street is the Macro Polo Square. The layout of the road is formed in a sort of a chess board. Either side of the road are adorned with lamp lights and inexperienced trees. Additionally, the well-preserved fences and alternative ancient buildings make the Xin Yi Street jam-packed with Italian aroma. The Free Path is the only pedestrian street in Xin Yi Street and most of the buildings are restaurants and bars which attracts many foreign tourists. Here tourists can not only taste the real pizza, Italian noodles and other Italian snacks. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the Italian style performances and other Italian clothes and handicraft exhibition. There are 24 hours bar, coffee, restaurants, art museum and cinemas, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hour: 09:00-17:00
Best Time to Visit: as you like
Bus Route: Tourists can take Bus No. 27, 868 and 901 and get off at the East Station.

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