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China Travel Entry Regulations

Hygienic Quarantine
Any unusual articles such as microorganisms, any human body tissue or blood and related products, and any biological products must declare these things to the quarantine department for inspection. Any luggage or objects which are brought or shipped which may cause the spread of contagious diseases must be submitted to quarantine. All foodstuffs, drinks or aquatic products which may be contaminated by contagious diseases will be destroyed by the quarantine department. China's quarantine department may also refuse entry for travelers suffering from venereal diseases, leprosy, AIDS, open tuberculosis and mental diseases.
Taking the following articles into China is strictly prohibited:
a) Animal and plant pathogens (this includes any bacterial or venomous vaccines), any pests or other potentially harmful organisms; b)Animals and plants, including their products, and any other quarantine objects from countries or regions which are currently infested by any infectious diseases; c) Any Animal carcasses are forbidden; d) Soil.
Any animals or plants that you wish to brig into Chin must first be declared to customs officials, and submitted to the border quarantine department for inspection. Each passenger is permitted to take one pet into China, provided they are accompanied by quarantine and hydrophobia immunity certificates.

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