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Passport Notice

A passport is an official travel document issued to citizens of a country by the State. It allows the bearer to travel from and return to the country of origin and is required to enter a foreign state. It is used to verify the identity and nationality of individuals. If a country requires travelers to have passports, then each individual traveler, of any age, must have their own passport. The Public Security Departments or Bureaus of the local governments authorized by the Ministry of Public Security are responsible for the issuance, renewal, page-adding or endorsement of Diplomatic Passports, Service Passports and Ordinary Passports for Public Affairs. All these passports can be renewed before the expiry date.
Passports of the People‘s Republic of China are issued to Chinese citizens as certificates to prove their nationality and identity for the purposes of entering or exiting Chinese border and travelling or residing in foreign countries. Passports of the PRC are classified into Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport, Ordinary Passport, Hongkong Special Administrative Region Passport and Macao Special Administrative Region Passport. Ordinary Passport is further composed of Ordinary Passport for Public Affairs and Ordinary Passport for Private Affairs. The maximum validity of Diplomatic Passport, Service Passports and Ordinary Passport is 5 years.

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