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Getting Chinese Visa

Passports and visas are very important and are considered to be matters of national security, and as such are taken very seriously by all countries. One of which is a passport issued by your country of citizenship, which is widely recognised in the majority of countries. This is a form of identification that allows you to pass into a country. A visa is also vital for travel, which is a document issued by your destination country allowing you permission to stay in the country for a length of time. Failure to organise the correct visa may result in you being sent home before you reach China, as these restrictions are considered very important, and travel outside of China subjects you to the same travel procedures as other international travelers. If you are thinking of traveling to China, there are two important documents that you need to have first.
The People's Republic of China follows the international system and issues visas according to its laws and regulations which may be modified from time to time. The information provided here is about entry to the PRC mainland only: it does not include visa and entry rules for Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan. In some limited situations visa are not required for entry into China, but most foreign travellers need one. Generally, travellers requiring a visa must obtain it prior to travel, but there are a few exceptions. Foreign travellers holding connecting tickets to pass through China are exempt from visa requirements provided they stay in the transit area of the airport for a no longer than 24 hours. Please notice that depending on the nationality of your passport, the rules vary. If you have any doubts contact the appropriate Chinese visa issuing office.

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