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China Travel Insurance Notice

General Principles
All tourist agencies should have something similar to this policy for their clients. In the case of the following incidents during the tours organized by the agency compensation will be provided. The incidents covered are: loss, damage or theft of belongings, injury or death of tourists during their tour and costs relating to the injury or death. In case of injury or death, the costs can include the cost of treatment or the disposal of the decedent's remains and may sometimes extend to cover visitation by family and repatriation fees for minors and amends for the delayed or cancelled tour.
Compensation Standards
If an agency specializes in domestic trips it's yearly compensation must be within 2 million Yuan (US$256,410), whilst an agency dealing with international trips must keep to a limit of 4 million Yuan (US$512,820) annually. If a tourist agency wishes to provide any high-risk travel services, then they must work with the relevant insurance companies to establish compensation limits and standards. These new regulations will lead to many improvements in the security of traveling in China. The majority of travel insurance covers the costs of cancellation or interruption of the trip as well as medical insurance. The policies are designed to pay for loss in the case of death, injury, illness and various other mishaps that may befall you whilst traveling.

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