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Medical Service

Medical standards and availability can be highly dependant on what part of the country you are in. However, quality of service may vary between geographic regions. The condition of medical facilities in the countryside is generally worse than in the city, where there are many critical care hospitals with advanced medical equipment and qualified doctors. Some of the superior hospitals have the capability to serve foreign patients in English. Some of the hospitals have a clinic specialized for foreigners, and the Information Desk may also offer triage and intake services in English. Even in these cities it is advisable, however, not to rely on the ambulance service. In the event of an accident the best policy is to take a taxi to the hospital.
Please ensure that you are in good health before you travel as primary health care is available in most of the remote areas. It is very important to get all immunizations and other precautions to avoid illness. Most four and five-star hotels in China have infirmaries that can provide immediate medical attention, but they are only equipped to deal with minor illness and injury. If you do require medical attention your hotel staff will arrange a doctor for you or transport to the hospital as the situation requires. If this medical service is unavailable where you are staying, you can call the reception desk for assistance, as they may be able to arrange for a physician to come directly to the hotel. Alternatively, seek the assistance of your tour manager or the local office of your travel agents if for any reason the hotel staff is unable to help you.

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