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China Travel Prohibited Items

The importation and exportation of dangerous drugs, psychotropic substances, controlled chemicals, antibiotics, arms, ammunition, fireworks, strategic commodities, rough diamonds, textiles, animals, plants, endangered species, telecommunication equipment, game, meat and poultry into or out of China is strictly controlled and subject to much legislation. A license must be obtained well in advance, from the appropriate Chinese authority, before any such activity. Travelers may also face prosecution for bringing any unauthorized electronic or digital decoder which enables the viewing of subscription television without charge or subscription.
List of Prohibited Items When Entering China
1. Radio transmitter and communication security machines
2. Tobacco and alcohol
3. Endangered and rare animals and plants (including samples), their seeds and breeding materials
4. Currency
5. Other articles restricted from importation by the Customs
List of Prohibited Items When Leaving China
1. The scope of the prohibited importation of all goods
2. Concerning the country's secret manuscripts, printed matter, films, photographs, records, films, tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items
3. Precious relics and other relics prohibited from exportation
4. Endangered and rare animals and plants (including samples), their seeds and breeding materials

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Question:Hi My company wants me to go to China for 6 weeks. I am vegetarain. Can I carry readymade food or Home made food to China. So I can survive there. On Airport, will they allow home made food? Please advise...

Answer:Food prohibited from entering into China: Fresh fruits, eggplant vegetables, living animals (dogs and cats excluded), products made of animals and plants, pathogenic micro-organisms of animals and plants, insect pest and other harmful organisms, animal carcasses, soil, materials of transgenic organisms, relevant plants and animals in countries and regions where there is an epidemic, and products of such plants and animals, and other articles that require inspection; Unsanitary foods, medicine or other articles; those imported from the epidemic area; and other foods or medicines that may produce or breed infectious diseases.