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Tips for Disabled Travelers

Disabled travelers can not only gain happiness from travel, but also can improve their physical strength in some extent, with right preparation, necessary assistant tools, proper planning and reasonable arrangements. Barrier-free environment in China is developing fast, especially in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It is now more accessible in the public areas, such as transport, airport and hotel. The following is some useful information for disabled travelers. Disabled travelers are welcome to China and will be friendly treated by hospitable Chinese people. Inform your travel advisor of your disability, and special health issues and the special care required, so that they can make proper suggestions and arrangements for you.
To facilitate easier travel, try to book direct flights where possible and make allowances for changing planes or travel times to other transport destinations. Also, you should call the airports and airlines well in advance of arrival to get information about their disabled services and facilities. Making reservations whenever possible and confirming them before arrival can also be highly beneficial. Local tourist boards will supply information about the suitability of the public transport for your disability. It is also a good idea to check with your embassy about the domestic regulations concerning any aids you have, such as wheelchairs, guide dogs or medication. Inform others of any special needs you might have.

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