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Travel China Tips for Electricity Use

The electricity voltage used in China is different from that used by many other countries. Approximately 30 countries including those of North America use a voltage of 110V~130V, whilst another 120 countries (including much of Europe) use a voltage of 220V~230V. In Mainland China, the voltage is generally 220V, 50HZ and AC. In Hong Kong it is 200V and Taiwan uses 110V. Plug shape is also variable depending on country. If you travel to China and wish to bring electric devices for use during your stay, a transformer, which can be bought in China for CNY100-200, is necessary. In China most hotel rooms have outlets that will take three-pin style plugs.
Wall outlets will often take American-style two-pin plugs, where the prongs are parallel to each other. However, such outlets will often not take the oversized grounding prong found on many North American converters. In China, electrical outlets come in several varieties. From left to right, the above outlets are suited for plugs with 2 parallel flat blades, 2 flat blades with 1 grounding flat blade (two varieties of these), two round pins with one round grounding pin and two round pins. It is common for outlets to provide a combination of several or even all of the above varieties. Just remember that an adaptor is only to match up the shape of your plugs. You must also give your electrical device the correct voltage.

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