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Travel China Tips for Water Drink

The tap water in Mainland China is not safe to drink, nor should it be used to brush your teeth. Most hotels provide their guests with a supply of either boiled water or clean cold water.
Drinking Water in Hotels:
Hotels will provide guests with bottled water (free) for drinking and brushing teeth. Some hotels have no water dispenser but are instead equipped with a water heater or thermos. You can use the water heater to boil water or use the water directly from the thermos.
Drinking Water in Restaurants
In most Chinese restaurants, water is served for free before the meal, although some will offer tea or noodle soup instead. Most restaurants also have bottled water or other beverages on their menu. Note that some of the restaurants may sell cold drinks, but without ice.
Drinking Water Outside
Although the tap water is not drinkable, you won't have to worry about finding water when you go out as it is quite easy to buy bottled water in shops everywhere in China. In China there are convenience stores everywhere and if you can't find one, there are drink stalls on many street corners no matter how small the city. Foreign brands are available in the supermarkets of big cities, while in small cities or rural areas only local brands are sold. Several popular brands of bottled water, such as Wa Ha Ha, Nestle and Nongfu Spring, are available for purchase, while bottled tea and juice are also popular. Ordinary bottled mineral water and various beverages are commonly sold in many street shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotel stores for about CNY2 per bottle.

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