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Travel with Children

Travelling with children presents its own special challenges and joys. The following is some advice we have gathered following our research into accidents involving children, especially during flights.
Prepare for All Possibilities
Ensure that you know the location of emergency equipment and all safety procedures that apply to you and your child. Pay attention to the pre-flight safety announcement. Ask specifically about safety equipment designed for children. Notify your travel agent, airline or flight attendant of any medical condition your child has that could become an issue during the flight.
Carry on Luggage
Any items you might need for your child should be carried with you onboard in your carry on luggage. Things like food, diapers, medicine and toys etc in case of delays should all be carried with you.
It is important to keep a child under your watchful eye at all times. A child is the responsibility of the adult accompanying it and an unsupervised child can easily wander into a dangerous area. This is particularly difficult during long journeys when even the most careful person can fall asleep. Children can often be injured as a result of reaching for hot drinks or investigating other hazardous items and places. Even walking around the cabin with your child can be hazardous, so extra caution is needed.

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