Acrobatic Show

Acrobatics is a traditional art form in which the performers depend on each other's skill and timing. It is a great program for your travel in Beijing. Chinese acrobatics is said to have started during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) two thousand years old. It is believed that it developed out of the labor and self-defense skills practiced by the populace during their leisure time. As the world infrastructure developed, acrobatics gradually developed into a performance art. Acrobatic art has its own unique forms and structures.
Chinese acrobatic art has never overemphasized the role of the music. Both performers and audience pay more attention to the action; this means that it takes time for performers to adjust to the changes in the music. A successful acrobatic show also requires appropriate clothing. Costumes further increase the splendor of the performance and enhance the visual impact of the show. Watching a Chinese acrobatics show, many people are affected deeply both mentally and physically. Time: 7:15 pm daily. Address: 36, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Tel: +86 10 6507 2421, 6507 1818

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Question:We will be travelling to Beijing in December with kids (aged 9-15) and would like to see a night show. I don't want serious performances but to experience a Chinese acrobatic show. Can you give me any advice on which place to go for good acrobatic show in Beijing?

Answer:Yes, acrobatic show is more exciting than the other night performances in Beijing, expecially for chirldren. There are many theaters in Beijing having acrobatic shows at night. Different prices and different time. Have sent the details to your email. We also would like help with the ticket booking.