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Former Residence of Lu Xun

The Former Residence of Lu Xun is situated near Fuchengmen in the Xicheng District in Beijing. Lu Xun bought this courtyard with the help with some friends in Feburary 1923 and spent the next two years and three months here when he was teaching in Peking University. Lu Xun was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province in 1881. He was a very famous and great writer, ideologist, thinker and revolutionist in the contemporary China and has widely regarded as the father of modern Chinese literature and was a revered scholar and teacher. The Museum houses an impressive 30,000 cultural relics, the majority of which actually belonged to Lu Xun, including manuscripts, letters and diaries.
Also on display is Lu Xun's personal collection of antique books, paintings and bricks from the Han Dynasty, not to mention his epitaph rubbings. The eastern rooms in the north of the Former Residence of Lu Xun belonged to his mother and the western room to his wife. The southern rooms of the courtyard were sitting room and library. A small room known as the "Tiger Tail" in the north of the Former Residence of Lu Xun was his study and bedroom. Here's some guide information of the Former Residence of Lu Xun Tickets: CNY5  Contact number: 86 10 66156549/8  Opening hours: 09:00 -15:30, closed on Mondays

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