Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck, or Peking Duck, one of the most famous and delicious food in Beijing, is deemed to be one of the important things that must be experienced in any trip to Beijing. The duck is a variety of ducks that has been specially bred and fattened in the suburb areas of Beijing. After being drawn and cleaned, it will be pumped with air under the skin of the duck to ensure it is separated from the flesh. Then a special sauce is coated over the duck, so that it will appear as if painted a brilliant red when it is cooking, with the nickname "lacquered duck".
Beijing Roast Duck is prepared by revolving a young duckling on a spit in an oven. The chefs of Inspector Feng's family excel in preparing this dish. Other scholars, after dining on roast duck, were inspired to poetry. In one collection of old Beijing rhymes (Duan Zhuzhici) one of the poems reads: "Fill your plates with roast duck and suckling pig. To satisfy the growing demand for roast duck and with an eye on the profits to be made from a good name, many restaurants opened from a good name, many restaurants opened under the Bianyifang name.

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Question:We will travel in Beijing next month and would like to reserve one night to try the famous Peking Duck for dinner. Many guide books tell the roast duck taste very good. I'm looking for your opinions on the best roast duck restaraunts to visit in Beijing. Nikki

Answer:Peking Duck is the signature dish of Beijing. You must try it! Quanjude is the most famous and touristy brand of Beijing Roast Duck in China, and it has many branches in Beijing. Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant is pretty good and very popular with foreigners. Liqun Roast Duck in old hutong, is a very special one, close to Tian’anmen Square. Reservation for all the above restaurant should be made in advance.