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Temple of Azure Clouds

The Temple of Azure Clouds is a famous travel spot in Beijing. It was first constructed during the Yuan Dynasty. The Temple of Azure Clouds is located in proximity to the northern corner of the Fragrant Hills Park, in an area full of natural beauty and surrounded by features of historical interest. The temple is removed from the pace of city life and offers a chance to relax, surrounded by nature. A suspended stone bridge leads to the gates of the temple, and the tall locust trees and willows overhang the bridge, making even the entrance magical. The important building of The Temple of Azure Clouds is called Hall of Arhats.
There are 512 statues, of which include 500 wooden Arhats, 11 Bodhisattvas and one statue of Ji Gong (a famous Buddhist monk) inside the Hall of Arhats. All the Arhats are vivid, life-size statues with different poses and expressions.The magnificent Vajra Throne Tower is the highest building in the Temple of Azure Clouds. This 35 meter-high tower with elegant decorations is well-known within the area of Beijing City for its high elevation. Here are some guide information for your tour to Dongsi Mosque: Admission Fee: CNY10 (Visitors need to buy the entrance ticket of Xiangshan Park or Fragarnt Hills Park to get to the mountain where the Temple of Azure Clouds is located), Openning Hours: 08:40-16:50, Contact Number: 86-10-62591155-470

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