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White Dagoba Temple

White Dagoba Temple, also called Miaoying Temple, got its name because there is an exquisite and spectacular white dagoba in the temple, which is 50.9 meters high . It has become a famous travel spot in Beijing. On the east and west walls, there are eight portraits of Buddha dharma protectors in Tibetan Buddhism. Beijing's White Dagoba Temple is a Lamaist Temple. Lamaism, a school of Buddhism founded particular popularity in Tibet, was introduced to China during the Tang Dynasty. White Dagoba Temple is the oldest of its kind. It was built during the Yuan Dynasty, some 700 years ago.
The temple was first built in 1096 during the Liao Dynasty, according to historical records. In the year 1271, Mongolian leader Kublai Khan united the country and started the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368); he became known as emperor ShiZu. To enhance the relationship between his empire and the religious power in Tibet, Kublai Khan granted imperial permission to build the lamaist White Dagoba. Here are some guide information for your tour to White Dagoba Temple: Address: 171 Funei Street, Xicheng District,Beijing. Admission Fee: CNY 10, Openning Hours: 09:00 – 16:30. Contact Number: 86-10-66066099

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