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Ancient Architecture Museum

Ancient Architecture Museum is the first special theme museum in China, officially opened on September 25th, 1991, as a historic site under Beijing Municipal protection. The museum is located in Xiannongtan, the Altar of Agriculture, and is a quiet oasis in the middle of Beijing to visit for a touch of old China in a very relaxing and quiet atmosphere while the crowds are traveling in the Forbidden City ets. The Altar of Agriculture where the emperor came to offer sacrifices to such deities as Xiannong, Taisui, and the God of mountains and river during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum specializes on the collecting, researching and displaying of Chinese ancient architectural technologies, art and development history.
As a measure of civilization, architecture can act as a record of the development and achievements of society in all areas. It is deemed as a symbol of a nation's contribution to world civilization. The ancient architecture of China is a glorious page in the history of world architectural development due to its unique appearance and long history. The exhibition in Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum includes a variety of pictures, photos, material objects and delicate models. Here's some guide information of the Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum Opening hours: 09:00 - 16:00 (closed on Monday)  Tickets: CNY15  Contact number: +86 10 63045608

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